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Category: Economics

Why Scientists Chase Big Problems: Individual Strategy and Social Optimality

Carl T. Bergstrom, Jacob G. Foster, and Yangbo Song

Science of Science, Economics Game Theory, Philosophy

Contest models highlight inherent inefficiencies of scientific funding competitions

Kevin Gross and Carl T. Bergstrom

Science of Science, Economics, Game Theory

Mapping change in the overnight money market

Morton L. Bech, Carl T. Bergstrom, et al.

Network Theory, Economics

Cost effectiveness of open access publications

Jevin D. West, Theodore Bergstrom, et al.

Bibliometrics, Economics

Choosing Partners: A Classroom Experiment

Carl T. Bergstrom, Theodore C. Bergstrom, et al.

Economics, Game Theory

A public choice framework for controlling transmissible and evolving diseases

Benjamin M. Althouse, Theodore C. Bergstrom et al.

Economics, Evolutionary Medicine

Building Trust by Wasting Time

Carl T. Bergstrom, Ben Kerr, and Michael Lachmann

Game Theory, Economics

The economics of ecology journals

Carl T. Bergstrom and Theodore C. Bergstrom

Bibliometrics, Economics

Can 'author pays' journals compete with 'reader pays'?

Theodore C. Bergstrom and Carl T. Bergstrom

Economics, Bibliometrics

The costs and benefits of library site licenses to academic journals

Carl T. Bergstrom and Theodore C. Bergstrom

Economics, Bibliometrics

Toward a theory of mutual mate choice: Lessons from two-sided matching

Carl T. Bergstrom and Leslie Real

Evolution, Game Theory, Economics

Does mother nature punish rotten kids?

Carl T. Bergstrom and Theodore C. Bergstrom

Evolution, Economics