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Complete research papers, 2011-2015

Research: Theory, models and biology

Wenying Shou, Carl T. Bergstrom, et al.


Microbiology: Taking the bad with the good

Carl T. Bergstrom and Benjamin Kerr

Evolution, Evolutionary Medicine, Game Theory

Mapping change in the overnight money market

Morton L. Bech, Carl T. Bergstrom, et al.

Network Theory, Economics

Timing of antimicrobial use influences the evolution of antimicrobial resistance during disease epidemics

Mark M. Tanaka, Ben Althouse, et al.

Evolutionary Medicine, Epidemiology

Applying evolutionary biology to address global challenges

Scott Carroll, Peter S. Jørgensen, et al

Evolution, Evolutionary Medicine,Epidemiology

Cost effectiveness of open access publications

Jevin D. West, Theodore Bergstrom, et al.

Bibliometrics, Economics

Finding cultural holes: How structure and culture diverge in networks of scholarly communication

Daril Vilhena, Jacob G. Foster, et al.

Bibliometrics, Science of Science, Information Theory

Honest signaling with costly gambles

Frazer Meacham, Aaron Perlmutter, et al.

Communication, Evolution, Game Theory

Hoptrees: branching history navigation for hierarchies

Michael Brooks, Jevin D. West, et al.

Human-computer interaction

The Role of Gender in Scholarly Authorship

Jevin D. West, Jennifer Jacquet, et al.

Bibliometrics, Science of Science

When Unreliable Cues Are Good Enough

Matina C. Donaldson-Matasci, Carl T. Bergstrom, et al.

Evolution, Information Theory

Bivalve network reveals latitudinal selectivity gradient at the end-Cretaceous mass extinction

Daril A. Vilhena, Elisha B Harris, et al.

Evolution, Network Theory

Author‐level Eigenfactor metrics: Evaluating the influence of authors, institutions, and countries within the social science research network community

Jevin D. West, Michael C. Jensen, et al.

Bibliometrics, Network Theory

Between cheap and costly signals: the evolution of partially honest communication

Kevin J. S. Zollman, Carl T. Bergstrom, et al.

Communication, Evolution, Game Theory

Choosing Partners: A Classroom Experiment

Carl T. Bergstrom, Theodore C. Bergstrom, et al.

Economics, Game Theory

Nodal Dynamics, Not Degree Distributions, Determine the Structural Controllability of Complex Networks

Noah J. Cowan, Erick J. Chastain, et al.

Network Theory

Evolution and medicine in undergraduate education: a prescription for all biology students

Michael F Antolin, Kristin P Jenkins, et al.

Evolutionary Medicine

Evolutionary biology within medicine: a perspective of growing value

Peter D. Gluckman and Carl T. Bergstrom

Evolutionary Medicine

Does Ignorance Promote Democracy?

Jevin D. West and Carl T. Bergstrom

Evolution, Misinformation

Multilevel compression of random walks on networks reveals hierarchical organization in large integrated systems

Martin Rosvall and Carl T. Bergstrom

Network Theory, Information Theory

Evolutionary principles and their practical application

Andrew P. Hendry, Michael T. Kinnison, et al.

Evolution, Evolutionary Medicine, Epidemiology

The Transmission Sense of Information

Carl T. Bergstrom and Martin Rosvall

Evolution, Information Theory, Philosophy

Response to commentaries on “The transmission sense of information”

Carl T. Bergstrom and Martin Rosvall

Evolution, Information Theory, Philosophy